Fill in W-9 tax form and securely sign it using DocuSign

Dealing with different contractors or freelancers requires you to collect the IRS W-9 tax form filled in and signed by them. You may want to automate the bureaucracy routine and make the process transparent, fast and convenient. Plumsail Documents can help you with this. The Plumsail process automates filling in the W-9 tax form and supports integration with the DocuSign service for secure signing.

Configure process

From templates for Plumsail Documents, choose the W-9 form and click the Use this template button.

Use this template button

If you do not have a Plumsail account, it will suggest signing up. Otherwise, you can log in to your account.

Set the process name and select whether to create a rich web form. It will suit you if you are going to run the process on the form submission.

Create process

In the Editor of the Configure template step, you can test the template with a ready-to-use JSON sample. The resulting file can be opened online or downloaded to your computer.

Test template

The form does not contain tags for DocuSign to indicate places for a signature and date (\s1\ and \d1\ respectively). Download the template, add the tags to it and upload the file back to the process. For hiding, color the tags white.

DocuSign tags

After that, click Save & Next for moving to Settings of the resulting file. Add a token to the file name to use the data from the filled form.

Configure output

Add a DocuSign delivery or any other for e-signing. In this step, you can use tokens both from the PDF form and the web form bound with the process. It contains an email field, so I added an accordant token to the delivery. Click Save & Next.

Add DocuSign

The rich form mentioned in the beginning will have the same name as the process with a “form” suffix.

Create new form

Start process

You can share a link to the form or copy it as an HTML widget and embed it onto your site.

Share the form

Provide your contractors with access to the form in either way. Submission of the filled form will start the process and generate a PDF file. Then, it will send a link to the contractors for signing the W-9 form in DocuSign. The signed documents will be available in your DocuSign account.