Fill in W-9 tax form and securely sign it using DocuSign

Dealing with different contractors or freelancers requires you to collect the IRS W-9 tax form filled in and signed by them. You may want to automate the bureaucracy routine and make the process transparent, fast and convenient. Plumsail Documents can help you with this. The Plumsail process automates filling in the W-9 tax form and support integration with DocuSign service for secure signing.

Prepare W-9 PDF form

The W-9 PDF form is available on an official site of the Internal Revenue Service. Get the one, create your own from scratch or use the form prepared for our automating purposes. We renamed fields for further convenience of creating a web form. Also, we added two hidden tags for DocuSign to indicate places for a signature and date (\s1\ and \d1\ respectively). For hiding, color them white.

DocuSign tags

Configure process

Go to the Processes section in your Plumsail account and click the Add process button.

Add process button

Set the Process name and select the Fillable PDF template.

Create process

Upload the prepared PDF form.

Upload PDF template

On the Configure template step, overview the template tokens: you will need their names to create a web form.

Overview tokens

Configure the result file and add a token to use the data from the filled form in the file name.

Configure output

Add a DocuSign delivery or any other for e-signing. In this step, you can use tokens both from the PDF form and from the web form that we will create later. It will contain an email field, so I added an accordant token to the delivery.

Add DocuSign

The next step is preparing a web form to start the process by its submission. We’ll customize a default form that was generated based on the fields from the PDF template.

Create new form

Configure web form

By default, the form grabs all the fields you have in the PDF template and name them accordingly. It does not fit our automation process in the current state and requires some improvements. To save time, you could download the web form we prepared and import it. Even if you decide to customize the default form by yourself or create one from scratch, it will come in handy as a guiding sample.

Import of the form

You can organize the elements in the required way and add controls to structure the form. The web designer is simple to use: drag and drop items you need and configure them using the right panel.

Default fields

First, start adding headings, questions and notes using a Text control. You can include the text from our form.

Text controls

Add the link to the IRS instruction for reference using an HTML control:

HTML control

Delete the default field OrgType, replace it with a Single Choice field of the same name and put it and the Other one right after the BusinessName. The OrgType field should contain the required options according to the IRS instruction.

Replacement of default field

Update a hint for the Other field.

Update hint

Replace the TaxClassification field with a Drop Down that has required options.

Drop Down

Next, put the ExemptCode and FATCAcode in one line. Change the width of the first field to 6 and place another on the empty square.

Two code fields

Place the address fields as on the screenshot below.

Address fields

Replace the fields for SSN and EIN numbers with Masked Input for each part of each number. They should be in one row if they relate to one number.

Masked fields

And the last step is adding a Single-line Text field for providing an e-mail address.

E-mail field

Here is how the ready-for-use form looks:

Look of the form

Share web form

You can share a link to the form or copy it as an HTML widget and embed it into your site.

Share the form

Provide your contractors with access to the form in either way. After they filled and submitted it, the process generates a PDF file. Then, it sends a link to the contractors for signing the W-9 form in DocuSign. The signed documents will be available in your DocuSign account.


It is just one of the bulk of possible Documents integrations. Find here others that will work for you.