API Keys

API keys page contains all created API keys. API key is needed to authenticate your Power Automate (Microsoft Flow) calls or REST.

Once you created an API key, you can see your key right in the Secret column. You can also change a name of a key by clicking on it in the Name column:

API keys

Create as many keys as you need, for example, for using with different Power Automate (Microsoft Flow) accounts. If you don’t need a key anymore you can delete it, please make sure that the key is not used anymore.

There are two types of the API modes: Production and Testing.

API keys

The Production mode API key charges you for executions of the actions. The Testing mode API key doesn’t consume the documents but has some limitations. Read the following section to find out more about this type of API key.

Test supported actions

The Testing API key supports free action runs with a watermark inside the result document. This mode only works for actions producing documents such as DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, or PDF.

This is the list of the supported actions:


Start document generation process action is not supported by the Testing API key. Please use the Testing mode in processes.