Licensing details

You can choose your billing cycle — purchase for one year or pay month-to-month. The subscription is linked to an email address. It includes executions of processes, a set of actions for Power Automate (Microsoft Flow) or Logic apps, and access to REST API.

There are three plans available:

  • Folder - you can generate up to 200 documents monthly

  • Drawer - you can generate up to 1000 documents monthly

  • Cabinet - you can generate up to 3000 documents monthly

If none of the plans satisfies your requirements, fill in this contact form or drop us a message at

What are documents?

Each run of Plumsail Documents processes means a single document. Thus, even if you use processes to create a document from a template, then convert it to PDF, add a watermark and protect your PDF - we charge for just one document because it’s a single run of the process to complete all these actions.

As for actions from the Plumsail Documents connector for Power Automate (Microsoft Flow) and Logic Apps, there each execution is considered one document as well. For instance, if you use the “Split PDF” action to split a single PDF document into a few separate documents; we charge for a single document only, because it is a single execution.

What happens when all documents are spent?

You can control usage stats in your Plumsail Documents account. If there is a risk of exceeding the monthly limit, you can purchase additional 100 documents or pay a differential cost to upgrade your plan. The additional documents will be spent only when the monthly supply is over.

The monthly documents are reset on the 1st day of each month according to your current plan. They can’t be saved and moved to the next one. The additional documents are not reset monthly. They remain constant and will be used only after spending all the monthly ones. Thus, you can accumulate and use them only when you need it.

How to upgrade or renew subscription

Subscription management is available in the Plumsail account.