Start process

Now, when you configured the document template and deliveries you can start generating your documents.

There are three places from which you can start the process. Let’s examine each of them.

How to start a process

Click on the “Start process” button on the left side of your process settings. It will show you six tabs to start your process:

Start process button

Learn how to use each of them:


After you have started the process, you can check its runs history.

There are also two other places where you can start the process after configuring it.

  • In the processes list:

Start process button
  • In the process history:

Start process button

Start process panel settings

When you start a process it opens a panel with starting options and fields based on the template. From this panel, you can fill out the fields and instantly download a result document if needed.

Start process panel

Let’s review the elements of the panel.

  1. Start button. It has an additional option Start and Download to start downloading of the result document automatically.

Start process panel button
  1. Process runs button. It opens a page with the process runs history.

Start process panel
  1. Dropdown with selection of Forms and JSON. You can either start the process using forms or by submitting a JSON.

  • The process automatically creates a form based on tokens from the template. Use the default form or create your own. It is also possible to switch between forms if there are multiple forms bound to the process.

Please find more information about starting the process with the Forms in the article.

Start process panel
  1. Pin button. When you start a process, the panel is automatically closed. Click the Pin button to keep the panel open.

Start process panel