Training videos

Explore the world of document automation with our Plumsail Documents video tutorials. Whether you’re streamlining document creation, integrating advanced workflows, or enhancing organizational efficiency, our step-by-step guides are here to assist. Dive into the functionality of Plumsail Documents and unlock the potential of automated document processing in your business today. Ideal for optimizing your workflow management!

Create documents from template with Processes

Start your exploration of workflow automation with the Plumsail Documents tool, Processes, dedicated to automated document creation. Designed especially for beginners, this section provides crucial steps and insights, offering clear and concise instructions. Throughout this series, we’ll walk you through the entire journey, from the foundational steps of creating a new process to tackling more intricate scenarios, including seamless integrations and beyond.

Get started with Plumsail document generation tool


Data capture forms for automated document generation


How to create documents from template with Plumsail Documents in Power Automate Flow


How to create documents from templates using Zapier and Plumsail Documents


Practical guides and tips

In this section, dive into practical Plumsail Documents use cases and real-world applications that extend beyond just Processes or document creation from templates. Our case studies offer comprehensive, step-by-step guidance and expert tips covering a wide array of Plumsail Documents features, including Power Automate actions and more. This makes it an invaluable resource for users seeking to enhance their document workflows with Plumsail’s versatile capabilities.

Convert SharePoint List Items to PDF with Plumsail Documents in Power Automate


How to export SharePoint list into PowerPoint presentation


Automatically generate HR documents for remote employees with SharePoint and Power Automate


How to batch convert XLS to XLSX, DOC to DOCX, PPT to PPTX in Power Automate


How to read CSV files and bulk generate documents using Power Automate


How to import HTML and Rich Text from SharePoint into a Word Template with Power Automate


How to convert Excel to PDF using Power Automate