Audit log

The audit log captures specific events related to a Plumsail account and retains these log events for six months.

To navigate to the audit log page, open the account settings page and click on the Audit log button.

Open audit log

You’ll see the Audit log page.

Audit log page

Let’s review the elements of the page.

Export to CSV

This function exports data to a CSV file for a selected date range.

Export to csv

Date range

This option allows you to select any date range for the audit log. The default selection is a current day.

Date range

Table with events

There are four columns in the table.

Table with events

User column displays the account email, date and time of the event, the IP address from which the event is initiated, the browser and operating system (if available).

Action column shows a description of the event.

Scope column is a product or account. For example:

  • Account

  • Documents

  • Actions

  • Forms

Category column is a subsection under scope. Some examples:

  • Account -> User security

  • Documents -> Billing

  • Actions -> API keys