With Plumsail Documents, you can automatically generate documents from templates, deliver them via email, store them in the cloud, or request e-signatures. Additionally, you can utilize Plumsail Documents for PDF conversion, merging, splitting, parsing documents, and much more. Explore all features and connectors below.

Processes - document generation tool

Processes allow you to populate custom data into document templates, send ready documents by email, save to the cloud, or request e-signatures. The tool supports various formats including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, HTML, and more, with automated PDF conversion. To fill in data, use either data capture forms automatically built for each document or connect documents to your favorite apps using integrations.

Power Automate integration

Power Automate integration with Plumsail Documents includes actions that allow you to:

  • Create documents from DOCX, PPTX, and XLSX templates

  • Convert documents to PDF

  • Read and fill PDF forms

  • Split and merge PDF

  • Encrypt and protect PDF

  • Add watermarks to PDF

  • Use regular expressions

  • Parse CSV, and more

Check out the full list of actions.

Power Apps integration

Integrate Power Apps with Plumsail Documents to directly initiate document generation from templates within the Power Apps application.

Airtable extension

The Airtable extension automates document creation and management within Airtable databases and interfaces. Add document generation buttons to your database, link them to templates, and click to generate a document. Moreover, you can also create documents directly within Airtable interfaces by clicking the button to trigger an automation that launches the document generation process.

Zapier integration

Connect your favorite apps to Plumsail Documents in Zapier to populate app data into your documents and automate tasks without the need for coding. This integration includes over 3,000 web services, making it easy to automate document creation processes effortlessly.

Make (ex. Integromat) integration

Use Make integration to link your systems to Plumsail Documents. This flexible tool allows you to incorporate various conditions, filters, branches, and more into automated workflows tailored to your requirements.


Plumsail Documents API is REST-based. You can use any programming language capable of executing web requests, such as C#, PowerShell, Node.js, Python, or PHP, for instance.