Batch convert Word documents to PDF using Power Automate

This article demonstrates how to batch convert multiple DOCX files to PDF with the help of the Plumsail Documents connector for Power Automate (Microsoft Flow). Let us say you have a SharePoint library containing Word documents. You need to pick all of them up and bulk convert to pixel-perfect PDFs.

Microsoft Flow details

This is the library with DOCX documents in my SharePoint tenant:


To reach the mentioned goal, I constructed this Microsoft Flow that will work as a Word to PDF batch converter:

Microsoft Flow

On the first step, I get all items from the folder with docx documents using the standard SharePoint action Get Items:

Microsoft Flow


I use Odata filter File_x0020_Type eq ‘docx’ to get only DOCX files from the library that could contain other formats.

Then I need to check all the items received on the first step. For this, I use Apply to each cycle. I use Get File Content action from the standard SharePoint connector to get the file content and pass it to the Plumsail Documents action - Convert DOCX to PDF.

After converting, I save the new PDF to PDFs folder in my SharePoint tenant and I use the available dynamic values from the Get Items action to name each file. Check it out:

Microsoft Flow

All the PDF results reside in a folder in my SharePoint tenant:


You can find more detailed information about Convert DOCX to PDF action here.

Protect the resulting PDF files

Additionally, you can protect the resulting PDF files using another Plumsail action Protect PDF Document .

It has several options that allow you to protect the PDF flexibly. Check it out:

Protect PDF action


That is all, the flow is configured. These few simple steps can help to ease the work with documents.