Batch convert Word documents to PDF using Power Automate

This article demonstrates how to batch convert multiple DOCX files to PDF with the help of the Plumsail Documents connector for Power Automate (Microsoft Flow). Let’s say you have a SharePoint library containing Word documents. You need to pick all of them up and bulk convert to pixel-perfect PDFs.

Setting up the Flow

This is what your Flow would look like:

Batch convert DOCX to PDF Flow

Below is a detailed explanation of each of the steps.

Flow trigger

Choosing a trigger is up to you. For example, you can start Flow on file creation in a SharePoint document library. We’ll use the Manually trigger a flow trigger here to simplify the Flow:

Batch convert DOCX to PDF - Flow trigger

Get items

Our first step is to add the Get items action. It will retrieve all items to convert from a SharePoint document library.

Batch convert DOCX to PDF - Get items


We also added an OData filter File_x0020_Type eq 'docx' to get only DOCX files from the library that may contain files of other formats.

Apply to each

Next, we’ll add the Apply to each control and use the output from the Get items action:

Batch convert DOCX to PDF - Apply to each

The loop will process each document received from the action.

Get file content

Let’s add a Get file content action to the loop:

Batch convert DOCX to PDF - Get file content

It will get the file content and pass it to the Convert DOCX to PDF action.

Convert DOCX to PDF

This is an action from the Plumsail Documents connector.

If this is your first time using the Plumsail Documents connector, Power Automate will request the Connection Name and API Key.

Create connection in Power Automate flow

You can type any name for the connection, for example Plumsail Documents.

Once the connection name is filled out, create an API key in your Plumsail Account, copy and paste it into the Access Key field, and then click Create.

Copying an API key from the account

We will use the file content received from the Get file content action:

Batch convert DOCX to PDF - Convert DOCX to PDF

Learn more about the Convert DOCX to PDF action here.

Create file

Our final step is to save the converted file to SharePoint using the Create File action. Feel free to choose any other action to export the file.

Batch convert DOCX to PDF - Create file


Make sure to specify the .pdf extension in the File name field.

Protect the resulting PDF files

Additionally, you can protect the resulting PDF files using the Protect PDF Document action:

Protect PDF action


That’s it. These few simple steps will help you work with your documents more efficiently.