Create documents with barcodes from template

In this article, we’ll show a case of automatically creating packing slips using Documents Processes for orders being shipped.

Configure a Plumsail Process

Sign in to Plumsail account and go to Documents -> Processes.

Documents interface

Click Add process. You’ll see 2 available options:

  • Start from template

  • Start from blank

There are some ready-to-use templates. I’ll choose Packing slip template .

Packing slip template

Name the process and click Next.

Generate packaging slip

In the next step you can edit the template or upload one.

The selected template already includes a barcode code-128, but you can change it to another type.

{{value}:barcode(CODE128, 200, 100)}

Please find some examples here .

Generate packaging slip

Then, I enter the output filename and the filetype. I use token {{@date}} in the filename. There are other tokens in our packing slip template. For example, data has property OrderNumber and we can use it in the processes settings as well.

Generate packaging slip

In the next step I select the delivery. There are a lot of available deliveries, I’ll select Email delivery.

Generate packaging slip

Some settings of the Email delivery.

Generate packaging slip

Finally, I can open the default form and fill the fields.

Generate packaging slip

The default form pulls data from your template and adds the fields.

Generate packaging slip

This is the result file.

Generate packaging slip

Of course, in a real situation you won’t enter the data manually but pull from some CRM system.

Documents Processes integrate with many service where you can pull content to fill the template.