Installation for SharePoint 2010


Download setup file and run it on one of the servers in your SharePoint 2010 farm as Farm Administrator. Follow the wizard steps.

Go to your application. Select Site Settings item in the root of the site collection in Site Actions menu. Choose Site collection features in Site Collection Administration section:

Site collection features

Activate Plumsail Org Chart feature if it is not activated.

OrgChart feature 2010

Adding web part to a page

Navigate to the page where you want to install your Web part. Click Edit at the SharePoint site ribbon.

OrgChart edit page 2010

Choose the place where you wish to add your web part and in the Insert tab click Plumsail Org Chart.

OrgChart add web part 2010

Click Save at the page ribbon. Message with link to configuration wizard will appear in Org Chart Web Part.

Not Configured WebPart

Read Quick Web Part configuration guide.