How to order employees boxes using a custom field for Org Chart in SharePoint and Microsoft Teams

You can choose a custom field for ordering the employees boxes in your chart. It can be an existing field or a new one. If you use Users Profiles as a data source you can create a new user property. In case you use a list, you can create a new list column.

To define the sorting rules, please, add a code like this to the Custom JavaScript step of the Configuration Wizard:

renderer.config.nodesSortOrder = "ASC";
renderer.config.nodesSortFieldName = "SortingFieldName";
  • nodesSortOrder – a sorting order, for example, ASC or DESC.

  • nodesSortFieldName – the internal name of a list field or a property from the User Profile service.

Currently, Org Chart handles all the properties as strings, so you should not use numbers for defining the sorting order.