Filter Org Chart by department


For the versions earlier than 4.x.x (including on-premises ones), please follow this instruction.

This article will show you how to filter SharePoint Org Chart by department using filtration rules and root employee. At the end of this tutorial, you’ll be able to filter Org Chart to show only subordinates under someone, like this:

Financial director

Or even filter your Org Chart to show only employees in a specific department, like this:

Marketing department

First, let’s filter items so the structure will be shown starting from the head of department. Open the configuration wizard and switch to the Filtration tab. In the field Start structure from employee, type the name of a root employee and Org Chart will automatically find the person. In this case, Xue Li will be the root employee of the tree.

Start structure from employee field

Here is the result:

Financial director

Similarly, you can set up Org Chart to show only employees from the marketing department. For that, add a Filtration condition:

  • click the Add condition button,

  • select a data source field,

  • set an operator,

  • type a value for checking.

It is required to specify a root employee when using the filtration conditions. All his subordinates must meet them to be rendered, but it is not applicable to the root employee himself.

In this case, Org Chart will check whether the “Department” field contains the word “marketing” and start the chart from Derek Clark.

Filtration condition

The result is:

Marketing department result

You can add several conditions and specify whether the employees must meet Any or All of them. In the example below, it will show only managers from the marketing department:

Two conditions

The rendered chart will be the following:



You can build more complex filtration rules using JavaScript on the Custom code step and JavaScript filtration function.

That’s it. You’re now able to filter Org Chart according to your needs. This is really useful to maintain a clean chart for everyone. It will be easier to visualize the structure and find employees quickly in the tree.