Generate organization structure report in SharePoint and Microsoft Teams

You can create a simple and clear organizational report with the Org Chart. Reports could be useful either for in-house informational purposes or as a part of your company’s compliance with ISO 9001 or other quality management standards.

Create multi-page report

Open a site page with an Org Chart web part. Click on the settings wheel and choose Generate Report.

OrgChart generate report

Then you can choose the person to start the report from (this is optional) and number of levels to collect the report. You may also select to format the ereport in the landscape mode (the report is formatted in portrait mode by default)

Orgchart generate report dialog

This setting will make the Org Chart collect all the managers counting from the selected person (or from the root ID by default) to the specified level and place them with their direct subordinates on a separate page of the report. Please wait till your report is prepared and click Download.

The reports you can see now starts with the Table of Contents. You can see all the managers on the specified levels and the page numbers with their Charts. All the items are clickable.

Reports table of contents

Every page of the report contains a single person and his or her direct subordinates. You can also use a link to navigate to the person’s supervisor.

Reports single page