Version history – SharePoint 2013/2016 version


  • Fixes bug for loading localization strings.


  • Bug fix for root employee autocomplete.

  • Bug fix for reports generation in Internet Explorer.

  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Bug fix for toolbar icons font broken in Internet Explorer.


  • Support of the table of contents in multi-page PDF reports

  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Ability to change layout without opening the configuration wizard.

  • Minor bug fixes.


Migration of new features from Office 365 version:

  • Modern skin.

  • Multi-page reports. The table of contents is not supported yet.

  • Ability to export data from Org Chart to CSV file.

  • New bottom to top layout.

  • Root employee selector with autocomplete in the configuration wizard.

  • Ability have multiple dotted-line managers.

  • Ability have multiple assistants managers.

  • Restricted ability to expand nodes in printing.


  • Prevented conflicts with a third-party app that uses Knockout.js.

  • Added logic to load fresh JavaScript files after the web part update.


  • Added the new license check page.


  • Added support for new server ID generator for unified license protection.


  • Added support for subscription based licensing.

  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Changed logic of boxes sorting for “Top to bottom compact” layout.

  • Bug fix for displaying assistants in some specific cases.


  • Support of Microsoft Teams desktop client.

  • Ability to change search query pattern and query source for user profiles data source.


  • Support of lookup values for SharePoint list data source. Now it is possible to display lookup value as well as lookup ID.

  • Bug fix for displaying multiple assistants in Org Chart for 2013/2016 version


  • Ability to sort search results for user profiles data source.


  • Migration of functionality from Office 365 version to On-Premises version.

  • Support of A3 format in PDF export.

  • Ability to expand up to 200 nodes automatically while printing.

  • New JavaScript method renderer.expandNodeLevelsConditionally for conditional boxes expanding.


  • JavaScript settings renderer.config.nodesSortOrder and renderer.config.nodesSortOrder are applied to assistants now.

  • Bug fixes for assistant boxes lines rendering.


  • Support for multiple assistants.

  • Bug fix for full screen mode.

  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Fixed the bug with drawing connection lines for “Top to bottom compact” layout.

  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Support of “Person or Group” column in search for SharePoint list data source.

  • Minor bug fixes.


  • New feature for displaying dotted line manager on top of an employee with a solid line. It allows you to quickly navigate from solid box to a dotted-line manager.

  • Added a new property to Org Chart JavaScript configuration that allows you to change the length of minimal search keyword (renderer.config.minSearchKeywordLenght).


  • Bug fix for resetting Org Chart configuration when SharePoint list is specified as a data source.

  • Bug fix for dotted-line managers when search metadata property has a different name from user profile property.


  • Ability to specify custom mappings for assistants and dotted line managers in user profiles data source.

  • Ability for one user to have multiple dotted line managers.

  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Minor bug fixes on searching.


  • Bug fix for displaying assistants and dotted-line subordinates.

  • Ability to display fields with “TaxonomyFieldTypeMulti” type in templates.

  • Improvements in connections lines rendering logic.

  • Ability to hide connections lines for Org Chart loading improvements.

  • Minor bug fixes.


  • SharePoint 2013/2016 version:

  • Bug fix for rendering Org Chart on publishing pages.


  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Search only by indexed column for SharePoint list.

  • Fix for expanding button on mobile devices.

  • Fix for profile’s pictures for users with the apostrophe in the account name.

  • Support of MultiChoice, TaxonomyFieldType and LookupMulti field types.

  • Fix the problem in the compact layout when the root element has only an assistant.

  • Better error handling.

  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Fixed bug with rendering of the web part on Modern Communication sites.

  • Other minor bug fixes.


  • Improvements in web part localization logic.


  • renderer.DrillDown JavaScript framework method has been migrated from version 2

  • Bug fix for zoom in Firefox

  • Bug fix for full-screen mode after recent Microsoft update in “Modern UI”


  • Ability to display level number inside a box

  • Bug fix for a bug when printing freeze after multiple prints

  • Minor bug fixes on boxes rendering


  • Bug fix for displaying dotted-line subordinates


  • New “top to bottom” compact layout


  • Ability to display number of solid line subordinates inside boxes.


  • These features were migrated to SharePoint 2013/2016 version from Office 365 version:

  • Search only by indexed column for SharePoint list.

  • Ability to display level number inside a box.

  • Ability to display number of solid line subordinates inside boxes.

New features:

  • Improvements for printing performance.

  • Ability to search in Lookup columns for SharePoint list.

  • Bug fix of getting a vacancies list if the user doesn’t have “Full control” permissions.

  • Bug fix for the bug when a search doesn’t work for large lists even with indexed columns.

  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Localization in On-Premises is now the same as in the Online version.

  • Layouts are now the same in On-Prem and Online versions.

  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Bug fix for license checking on SharePoint 2013/2016 servers with rewrite enabled.

  • Bug fix for zoom functionality in Firefox browser.


  • Bug fix for the rare case when user profiles service returns duplicate employees.


  • Fix for the bug when box images are hidden after printing.


  • Bug fix of displaying vacancies in SharePoint 2013/2016 version.


  • Bug fix for rendering Org Chart on HTTPS sites.

  • Bug fix to force JavaScript files cache clearing after upgrading solution.


  • Bug fix for empty filtration rule.

  • Bug fix for rendering Org Chart on a page with different ports.

  • Other minor bug fixes.


  • Client-side cache now supports clearing cache of managers structure for SharePoint list data source.


  • Support for cross-domain printing of pictures without extensions.

  • Added support of persisting of a box position after expandingcollapsing if possible.

  • Minor connection lines rendering bug fixes.


  • Support of cross-domain pictures for png printing in SharePoint 2013/2016 version.

  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Support of displaying data from additional SharePoint list. It allows to map data to existing boxes.

  • Bug fix for printing cross-domain pictures


  • Support of fractional numbers in client side cache life time.

  • Search autocomplete and jQuery UI conflict prevention improvements.

  • Left to right layout bug fixes.

  • Minor bug fixes.


  • iPad touch bug fixes.

  • Minor bug fixes.

Update note: You may need to reactivate “Plumsail Org Chart” feature at site collection level.


  • Fixed bug with support external lists as a data source.

  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Added new print system.

  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Dotted managers support.

  • Vacancies support.

  • Client side caching is implemented.

  • New lines rendering engine.

  • Automatic hiding of subordinate box if there is assistant box

  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Left to right layout implemented.

  • Configuration wizard rendering optimization.

  • Assistant boxes take less space now.


  • Caching API for user profiles data source.

  • Double search for user profiles data source. Use search service if available, otherwise use user profile service search.


  • Root node double tooltip for nodes with assistants fixed.

  • URL field support added to SharePoint list data source.


  • Assistants support.

  • External list as a data source bug fix.


  • Initial release of SharePoint 2013/2016 version.

  • Rendering engine has been completely rewritten from SharePoint 2010.