Start using web form

You can start your process by submitting a web form. You can either utilize the auto-generated form or create a new form using Plumsail Forms.

Watch the video describing all options or read the explanation under it.

Use auto-generated form

The process pulls tokens from your document template and creates a web form based on them.

This automatically generated form will remain associated with the process. You can choose the form from the process settings

default bound form

or from the dropdown menu in the start process panel.

default bound form

You can modify it a bit and make it more user-friendly by changing token types.

Find out how to change types of template tokens to customize the default form.

You can share the form’s link or use the widget to publish it on the website. And every time somebody submits the form, the process will run.

Create custom form using Plumsail Forms

Another option is to customize the auto-generated form or create a new web form using Plumsail Forms.

Plumsail Forms allows you to create public forms with complex controls and conditional logic. It has a handy web designer with drag-and-drop:

web forms editor


Also, you can start your process using Zapier or Power Automate (Microsoft Flow).