You can use Zapier integration to start the process of generating documents from template.

Zapier allows you to connect the document generation process with other web applications. It’s quite easy to handle automated connections in Zapier - zaps - to get your paperwork done automatically.

Use ready zap templates

There are various ready-to-use zap templates you can go to right from the step Start process. Just hit Use this Zap. You’ll be redirected to your Zapier account to personalize this particular zap. Learn how to customize Start Process in Plumsail Documents action.

Or you can create your own zap to start the process.

Create zap to start process in Zapier

We’ll take a look at a simple zap to show how to use Start process action in Zapier.

Let us say you have a Google Calendar for conferences. You need to generate personalized invitations.

This is how our Zap looks:

sample zap

Set trigger

The first step is a trigger. In this particular case, it’s a new event in the Google Calendar.

When a new event is added to the Google Calendar, the process of generating tickets for this event will start.

Start Process in Plumsail Documents

After setting a trigger, add an action Start process. For that, search for Plumsail Documents, choose an action Start Process.

sample zap

Click Continue. If this is your first Zap, at this point, you’ll need to Sign in to your Plumsail Account from Zapier to establish a connection between the app and your account. If you already have a Plumsail account tied to the app, you can add another one at this step, and use it instead.

Customize Start Process

Choose the process you want to start by this Zap from the dropdown.

select process

Then, you need to specify the data in JSON. This data will be applied to the template to personalize documents.


Properties from the JSON object should correspond to tokens used in your template. Learn more about templates here.

Use the output from the trigger to specify values:

JSON data in Zapier

Use the result file in Zapier

It’s possible to use the output of the Start process action further in the zap.

You’ll be able to add the result file as an attachment:

use resul file in Zapier