Plumsail Forms

Create responsive web forms with complex grids, tabs, accordions for any device and add them to your public website or modern pages of SharePoint Online in Office 365.

Build forms for SharePoint or any public websites.
Create rich responsive forms with complex grids, tabs, accordions, and complex business logic built on comprehensive JS-framework with easy-to-use Designer.
Create responsive forms for SharePoint Online or any websites with easy-to-use designer.
Publish forms anywhere
Publishing forms as simple as copying a snippet and pasting it into your HTML page. In SharePoint Online, you can do that even easier with Plumsail Form Web part by settings Form ID property of the web part.
Publish your forms anywhere for anonymous usage.
Handle form submissions with Microsoft Flow
Process user's input in any way with hundreds of actions available in Microsoft Flow: save into PDF and send by e-mail, create tickets in a help desk, add leads into a CRM, create tasks or events and much more.
Process web forms with Microsoft Flow - convert to PDF, create SharePoint list items, upload documents to OneDrive or SharePoint.
Design fully responsive forms for SharePoint Online in Office 365
Plumsail Forms are built on Bootstrap 4 and designed for SharePoint modern pages. These guarantee that resulting forms are fully responsive. Moreover, you can design completely unique layouts for different devices — phones, tablets, and PCs.
Design fully responsive forms for SharePoint Modern UI (Team sites, Collaboration sites, or classic Team sites)