Plumsail Forms

Design rich and responsive forms for SharePoint Online in Office 365,
SharePoint 2019 on-premises, or public web sites

Works in two modes

Build business forms of any complexity either for public websites with anonymous access, or SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2019:

Public Forms

  • Publishing to any website
  • Integration with hundreds of services: Mail, OneDrive, SQL, Google and others via MS Flow or Zapier.
  • All necessary fields and controls for complex business forms
  • Re-usable templates

SharePoint Forms

  • Support of Modern UI
  • Linked lists or libraries
  • Personalized forms
  • Enhanced SharePoint fields
  • New fields and controls not available in SharePoint

Provides numerous fields and controls for any kinds of forms

Design forms with wizards, tabs, accordions, data tables, hand-written notes. All fields and controls available for public forms can be also utilized in SharePoint forms in addition to regular SharePoint fields.
Forms with wizards, tabs, accordions, data tables, notes, reCAPTCHA

Unlimited control

Add custom logic with rich JavaScript framework: calculations, validations, conditional visibility, auto-populating and even own fields or controls. Find a lot of samples in our documentation.