How to save Data Table, Ink Sketch, and Likert Scale to SharePoint columns with Power Automate

Both Public Web Forms and SharePoint forms can include our custom controls - Ink Sketch, DataTable or Likert Scale.

In this article, we’ll prepare SharePoint List and Public Web Forms with these controls. Anonymous users will be able to send them to MS Power Automate (MS Flow) where they’ll get saved to SharePoint.

SharePoint list and its forms

First of all, you need SharePoint List with Plain Text columns where you want to save controls to. Please, check out this article on how to save Ink Sketch, DataTable and Likert Scale to SharePoint columns, so they render properly in the List View.

Create Plain Text column

Customize the form for the list and check that it works properly:

SharePoint Form

After saving, you should see the following result:

SharePoint List

Public form with DataTable, InkSketch, and Likert

You also need to create a Public Web Form for anonymous submissions to MS Power Automate:

Public Form

I’ve placed all the same controls on the Public Web Form, which you can see here:

Public Form

Flow configuration

Open MS Power Automate and create a new automated flow:

Create automated flow

Copy the ID of the form:

Copy ID

Paste the ID of the form inside Plumsail Forms - Form is submitted trigger:

Form is submitted trigger

To save DataTable or Likert Scale, use Data Operations - Compose action:

Compose action

Input the control value there:

Fill in controls value into Compose action

Then, use this output when populating SharePoint columns. For Ink Sketch, just use the value from the form:

Create SharePoint item

Save the Flow! Now, let’s test it - fill out the Preview form and Submit it:

Submit Public Form

If the Flow runs succesfully, you’ll get the following result:

SharePoint List after submission