Collecting submissions of online forms designed with Plumsail Forms


Data collection and storage is enabled by default for all forms that you create.

Activate submissions

The property is ON by default; if turned off, the data will not be processed in any way. You can disable it when testing and developing a form.

Activate submissions

Save submissions

The property is ON by default; if turned off, the data from the form will not be saved to your account. It can still go to Power Automate or Zapier.

Save submissions

Enable notifications

The property is ON by default; if turned off, you will not receive emails with all the data each time a form is submitted.

Enable notifications

Manage saved submissions

If you decide to save the data to your account, you can then view it in Forms section of your Plumsail Account, where each form is displayed along with the number of new/all submissions, simply click on the form:

Click on the form

After each submission, the data will be available in Plumsail Account, where you can see it or export it to CSV:

Collected data

You can also select which fields should be displayed in this list and in what order, by clicking the Columns button:

Columns configuration

Open context menu by clicking on the vertical ellipsis symbol, this will allow you to view the filled out form, see the submitted data as JSON, mark the submission read/unread, or delete it:

Context menu

If you open the submission on a form, you can see all the data there, and there is also an option to export the form to PDF:

Form view

And this is what the submission source in JSON looks like:

Submission source

Schedule submission removal

You can configure auto-removal of submissions from Plumsail Account and their attachments after a certain amount of days in each form’s settings:


If submissions are deleted, there is no way to restore them.

Clear submissions automatically

Archive form

If you want to stop gathering submissions, you can archive the form. When users open the form, they will see a message that the form is unavailable.

Archive form

You can activate the form at any time:

Activate form