Connect Plumsail Form to Airtable

Airtable at its core is a platform for creating and sharing data in relational databases. Our forms can be used to collect submissions from company’s staff and anonymous users alike, with or without authentication, embedded on a site or shared via a link.

Connect form to Airtable

Inside form web editor, go to Settings → Airtable and create a connection from your web form to your Airtable workspace:

Grant access to the Airtable

Make sure you select the right base for your form, and connect to the Table that you want to populate:

Connect to Airtable table


If you don’t see the base that you want to connect to in the dropdown, you need to use Grant access and find the right base to connect. You need to also grant access to all the other bases used by your forms.

Once connected to an Airtable table, you will get access to its columns as Airtable fields – add them to the form:

Add Airtable fields to the form

When the form is completed, you can share it with others to fill out:

Filled out custom form for Airtable

Once the fields are filled in and the form is submitted, data will automatically populate in Airtable:

Airtable populated with data from Plumsail Form

Edit records in Airtable

Big advantage of Plumsail Forms is that you can use them not only to populate Airtable tables, but also to edit existing rows of data.

This can be done with the same or different form – simply enable Editing Airtable records in your form’s settings and copy the code which you’ll find in the settings:

Enable editing and copy the code

This code can then be added to a Formula or Button column in Airtable:

Add button with code to Airtable

And clicking on it will bring up the form:

Highlight button in Airtable

The form will load all the data and save back to Airtable on submit:

Filled out custom form for Airtable


Each edit will count as a separate submit towards your monthly limit, and will add a new submission to your Plumsail Account – storage of submissions can be disabled in form settings to avoid duplicate records.