Customize SharePoint forms for modern UI
(SharePoint Online in Office 365 and SharePoint 2019)

Responsive SharePoint forms

Design fully responsive custom forms for SharePoint lists or libraries from any kinds of sites: team sites, communication sites, or classic sites.
SharePoint responsive form with tabs and related items in a modern page

Related Lists and Document Libraries

Add or edit items in related lists directly from a master form with the help of List and Library control. It allows you to add child items from any master form, including a new one, and bind them automatically with a lookup field even in the quick editing mode.
Editing a child list directly in a parent SharePoint form

Personalization and custom routing

Create multiple forms of the same type and route between them depending on user’s membership or custom conditions based on field values, profile properties and others.
Designing multiple SharePoint modern forms for different purposes

Additional fields

Save Data Tables, Likert Scales, and Hand-written notes directly to SharePoint fields without code or configuring flows.
SharePoint responsive form with tabs and related items in a modern page

Flexible and fully customizable

Make your forms dynamic with our rich JavaScript framework — populate fields with current user’s data, add custom validation, make fields mandatory based on conditions, show/hide fields based on other field values, and more.
Disabling tabs and populating fields dynamically in a SharePoint modern form

Sharing with external users

Share sites and custom forms with any users — not only within your organization but even with external users with just guest access to a SharePoint site.
Sharing custom SharePoint forms with external users