Save Ink Sketch, DataTable, and Likert scale controls to SharePoint fields + List View Rendering


Starting with version 1.1.6, it's now possible to save Ink Sketch and DataTable controls to SharePoint fields when using them on a SharePoint Form. This means that the data will be saved when the form is saved.

These fields can be created and deleted right in the designer when editing settings for one of the controls, created fields will be hidden. Alternatively, you can create a new multiple lines Plain Text column and store control's data in it. Also, check out Field Customizers, they'll allow you to add new columns with special rendering to the list.

How to configure

Select an Ink Sketch or a DataTable control and you'll see SaveTo property:

SaveTo property

If the form was created with an older version of Forms, simply delete the control and add it again.

Inside the dropdown you can select one of existing fields to store data to (it must be a Multiline Text field to work) or create a new hidden field:

Add new fields

New hidden field will be called fd_Signature_InternalName or fd_DataTable_InternalName depending on the type of the field.

If you want to delete one of the hidden fields from the list, you can do it by selecting "🖉 Manage" option in the dropdown.

Delete hidden fields

System fields cannot be deleted this way, but be careful not to delete one of important fields by accident. Old data is not transfered to new field automatically.

Field Customizers

If you are looking for ways to display Ink Sketch, DataTable or Likert scale controls on the List View, we recommend to take a look at the Field Customizers package.

It's a small package, which you can add to your App Catalog, and it will allow you to add new columns to lists or libraries. These columns are designed to visually present Forms' controls in List View.

Add Plumsail Column

For example, Ink Sketch field stored in Signature column will show an image in List View:

Signature Field Customizer

Data Table column will render an HTML table in List View:

Data Table Field Customizer

Finally, Likert Scale will allow you to see all the selected options:

Likert scale Field Customizer

You can also clone the repository and use it to customize columns further, or add new Field Customizers, by following this instruction from Microsoft.