Licensing Information

Plumsail Web Forms offer a wide range of subscription licenses, depending on your needs. A free version is available as well.

For a commercial plan you can choose your billing cycle — purchase for one year or pay month-to-month. The subscription is linked to an email address.

Available Plans

All plans offer an unlimited amount of forms to be designed and there are no limitations to how complex the forms can be, that includes the free plan as well.

  • Scooter (free) - 100 submissions/month, 100 MB storage (cleared monthly), 20 MB max attachment file size

  • Pickup - 1,000 submissions/month, 1 GB storage (can be cleared at any point), 100 MB max attachment file size

  • Van - 10,000 submissions/month, 5 GB storage (can be cleared at any point), 300 MB max attachment file size

  • Truck - 1,000,000 submissions/month, 10 GB storage (can be cleared at any point), 500 MB max attachment file size

Only the free Scooter plan comes with commercial branding by Plumsail, that includes a small link to our site on free forms. Commercial plans include no branding. Once a commercial plan is purchased, the branding is removed.

Each plan works as a subscription and a free Scooter plan is the default one. If you pay for a Pickup, a Van or a Truck subscription, but do not prolong it after the paid period ends, you get back on the Scooter. Scooter plan is always free.


The main difference between the plans is the amount of form submissions available per month. When you press the Submit button on the form and you see a message The form has been submitted successfully - this counts as a submission.

Available submissions count is renewed every 1st day of the month.


Another difference for plans is available temporary storage for uploaded files. Each time a user uploads files to the Attachments field, files are saved to the storage before being used in the Flow.

If submissions are saved in the Plumsail Account, then the uploaded files are stored permanently until the submissions are deleted for this form.

If submissions are not saved, then the uploaded files are automatically deleted on the 1st day of the month if they’re older than 30 days.


For commercial plans, storage can be cleared at any point by clicking a button in the Licensing section of Plumsail Account, offering an almost limitless amount of files to be uploaded per month.

This does not affect files saved with the submissions, the submissions need to be manually deleted.

Master Service Agreement

Master Service Agreement