Configure email notifications and webhook requests on form submission

You can find Notifications section in the setting menu. In this section, you can configure who gets email notifications on submit, and where else the data is sent from the form:

Notifications section

Email messages

You can configure who gets email notifications on submit, for example: None, Owner, Team — the Owner is the default option

Each form can have this setting individually assigned, some forms can notify just the Owner, some forms can notify the whole Team, and others might not need notifications at all:

Configure email notifications for a form

This setting can also be adjusted in the right panel when saving a form:

Configure email notifications in a panel

You can additionally specify up to 5 extra emails where the notification will be sent for a specific form. Email adresses need to be verified with a code message before they can be used for notifications:

Extra emails for notifications


If you want to configure email content, check out Email integrations with Power Automate or Zapier.


You can add a URL where the form data will be sent to on submit:

Enter URL for a webhook

Data is sent as JSON in a POST request:

JSON data sent to a webhook