Designing web forms with Plumsail Forms


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Register a Plumsail Account

Plumsail Forms product uses our service called Plumsail Account. Using Plumsail Account you can manage your license, and it also stores all your Public Web Forms. All Public Web Forms created by you are tied to your Plumsail Account.

You can register by filling out Plumsail Account registration form.

Sign in to an existing account

You can log in by going to the Plumsail Account login page and entering your login and password. Make sure you’ve registered first.

Launch web designer

Go to Plumsail Account, and navigate to Forms page. Click Create form:

Create form in web designer

Design a form

When you open the designer, you can start designing the form. Drag and drop Fields, Controls and Containers onto the form:

Drag and drop

Then you can adjust individual settings for each field, control or container by selecting it and modifying its configuration:

Field's properties

In web designer, multiple fields/controls can be selected at once to adjust their shared properties:

Select multiple fields

Designer section of our documentation much more about each Field, Control and Container, and their properties that you can modify. Finally, there is also a section on Ribbon buttons that explains how you can work with mobile layouts, apply custom JavaScript and CSS to the form.

Web Designer's Ribbon

Once you’ve designed the form, click Save. You’ll be able to give a name to your form and it will be saved to your Plumsail Account. You are always be able to open, edit or delete your saved forms in the upper right corner of the designer:

Saved Public Forms in the web designer

When you are satisfied with how your form looks on all the layouts and screen sizes (you can just resize browser’s window to see how the form scales), you can finally share the form.

To find out how to share saved forms, please, go to our Sharing forms article.