Authenticate users with other platforms using Azure AD B2C in public web forms

Enable authentication

After saving a form, go to Settings → Access where you can find Access management and toggle Allow only authenticated users to enable authentication.

First toggle Allow only authenticated users and select Azure AD B2C:

Allow only authenticated users (Azure AD B2C)

Set up AAD B2C tenant

You will need to create an Azure Active Directory B2C tenant and specify it in Tenant ID:

Azure AD B2C Tenant ID

You will then need to register a web application in Azure AD B2C tenant:

Register a web application

Inside redirect URI select ‘Single-page application (SPA)’ option:

Single-page application

Add the following URL inside and save:

After saving, you can copy Application (client) ID of the web application:

Copy Application ID

And paste it to the form’s settings Access Management → Application ID:

Paste Application ID to form's settings

Create a sign up and sign in user flow

Finally, you’ll need to create a Sign up/sign in user flow in Azure AD B2C tenant:

Create Sign up/sign in user flow

After creating flow, make sure to select Display Name, Email Addresses, and all other fields that you need in flow’s application claims and save:

Select Display Name and Email Addresses in flow's application claims

Now, copy the name of the flow and paste it in form’s settings Access Management → Sign up/Sign in flow:

Paste flow name into Sign up/Sign in flow

You can use other popular platforms for authentication, just go to Identity providers, and click the provider that you’d like to use:

Identity providers

Inside of each Identity Provider you’ll find an instruction on how to set them up.

Limit to one submit

You can restrict submissions to just one per user:

Allow users to submit the form just once

If you do — you can also allow users to go back to form and edit their submission (each edit counts as a separate submission):

Allow users to submit the form just once

Restrict access

Finally, you can restrict access to specific users by enabling Restrict access to specific users or groups (Azure AD) :

Restrict access to a domain

This will require you to authorize the app to access domain and retrieve information about the users:

Grant permissions to the permissions

On top of that, you will also be able to select specific Azure Active Directory groups or even individual users to provide access to:

Limit access to specific users/Azure AD groups

Users without permissions will not be able to access the form:

No access to the form