Azure AD B2C Authorization for public web forms

After saving a form, go to Settings → Sharing where you can find Access management.

First toggle Allow only authenticated users and select Azure AD B2C:

Allow only authenticated users (Azure AD B2C)

Once you turn it on - users will need to be authorized. New settings will become available to choose from.


If you want to use the other option, check out our Microsoft Account authentication article.

You will need to create an Azure Active Directory B2C tenant and specify it in Tenant ID:

Azure AD B2C Tenant ID

You will then need to register a web application in Azure AD B2C tenant:

Register a web application

Go to Authentication section of the web application, click Add a platform and add a ‘Single-page application’ platform:

Add 'Single-page application' platform

Then add the following URL into the list of Redirect URIs of the ‘Single-page application’ platform and save:

Add URL to Redirect URIs

After saving, you can copy Application (client) ID of the web application:

Copy Application ID

And paste it to the form’s settings Access Management - Application ID:

Paste Application ID to form's settings

Finally, you’ll need to create a Sign up/sign in user flow in Azure AD B2C tenant:

Create Sign up/sign in user flow

After creating flow, make sure to select Display Name and Email Addresses in flow’s application claims and save:

Select Display Name and Email Addresses in flow's application claims

Now, copy the name of the flow and paste it in form’s settings Access Management - Sign up/Sign in flow:

Paste flow name into Sign up/Sign in flow

That’s it for the main configuration, but you can also configure additional settings, such as allowing users to submit the form just once:

One submit per user

Also you can restrict access to the form to only specific users or groups. For this you’ll need to connect web designer to your tenant, so it can read what users and groups are available:

Restrict access to form

Select specific users or groups that will have access:

Limit access to specific users/Azure AD groups

Users without permissions will not be able to access the form:

No access to the form