How to send an email from Plumsail form with Power Automate

You can send a customized email with form data using Power Automate (MS Flow) and Plumsail Forms connector.

Here you will find instructions on how to create an automated flow from scratch. You can also create the same flow from the Microsoft Power Automate template and jump to Configure ‘Send an email’ action step.

Configure the Flow

Open Microsoft Power Automate and create an automated flow:

Creating a flow

Select the trigger that starts the flow. Search for Plumsail and select ‘Form is submitted’ trigger, click Create.


If this is the first time you are using Plumsail Forms connector, you will be asked to sign in to Plumsail account to create a connection. Click Sign in and enter your account credentials.


Select the name of the form from the dropdown list.

Selecting form

Configure ‘Send an email’ action

In this example, we use Office 365 Outlook connector to send emails from the Outlook account, but you can use any other connector like Mail, Gmail, or SMTP.

Click New step and search for Send email action. Select ‘Send an email (V2)’.

Send an email step

You can add any dynamic content from the form to the subject and body of the email.

Email example

Adding Ink Sketch to email body

The Ink Sketch control picture is stored as a base64 string. To insert a base64 string to the email body, first, you need to switch the body input to the code view.

Code view

Then, paste this HTML code line to the email body and add field that stores Ink Sketch data from the dynamic content.

<img src= alt="img" />

insert InkSketch

Adding DataTable to email body

The DataTable control is stored as an array of objects.

Add ‘Create HTML table’ step to convert an array of objects to HTML table. For the From field select DataTable control from the dynamic content and set Columns to ‘Automatic’.

Create HTML table

To insert the HTML table to the email body, switch the body input to the code view.

Code view

Then, add the output of the ‘Create HTML table’ step to the email body.

add HTML table

Adding attachments to email

To send an email with multiple attachments, add these steps:

Flow steps

1. Initialize variable

Name the variable and set its type to ‘Array’.

Initialize variable


Add the ‘Apply to each’ action for iterating through the attachments. ‘Attachments1’ is the common field output.

To get the content of the attached files add ‘HTTP’ action. Select GET in Method dropdown field and add url to the Uri field.

Initialize variable

3. Append to array variable

Add ‘Append to array variable’ action inside ‘Apply to each’ step. Select the variable name from the dropdown. In the value section, map file name and its content.

   "Name": ,

Append to array variable

4. Send an email

Go to ‘Send an email’ action. Click Show advanced options, switch attachments field to input entire array. Add the variable output to the attachments input field.

Send an email with attachements