Update Plumsail Forms On-Premises solution

Server package

First of all, download setup file and run it on one of the servers in your Sharepoint 2019 farm as Farm Administrator. Follow wizard steps.


Alternatively, use WSP package to install the latest version.

After the package installation, go to Site collection features and re-activate (de-activate and activate again) Plumsail Forms feature:

Plumsail Forms feature

App catalog

Navigate to the a list and click Design Forms:

Run Forms from Ribbon

Download the latest App package:

Download 2019 App package

Navigate to the app catalog: delete the existing package, upload the new one and deploy it globally (check Make this solution available to all sites in the organization):

Make this solution available to all sites in the organization

Final steps

Download and install the new editor desktop app:

Download and install the designer

Clear browser’s cache to make sure all changes have applied:

Clear browser's cache