How to restore previous version of SharePoint form designed with Plumsail Forms

Designing the right form can take a while. It’s also possible that some forms might require additional customization and tuning in the process of use. One wrong move in the editor, and you can potentially lose the changes that you’ve worked on for a while.

To prevent this from happening and to always have a back up, we will show you how to enable versioning for any form and how to go back to a previous version, if that ever becomes necessary.


While this method is secure, to be extra sure that the most important and/or complex forms are backed up, we recommend to Export them in the editor and store the form schema somewhere safe.

Restoring older version

All form schemas, that the editor opens and interprets as a form are stored on the SharePoint site for in Site Pages library.


Make sure that versioning is enabled for Site Pages library!

For example, we’ve accidentally deleted all fields from Orders Edit Form:

Empty form

Go to Site PagesPlumsailForms and find the specific form that you want to return to a previous version.

The file names have the following structure: {ListName}_{ContentTypeName}_{FormType}.xfds

Find form

You just need to restore the previous version of the file:

Restore form version

Then, open the form again the editor and re-save it:

Re-save form

That’s it! This version should now be back:

Restored form

Restoring form after Reset

Let’s imagine, you Reset a form by accident:

Reset form

This will send the form to the Recycle Bin on the site. Find and restore it:

Restore form

Then re-open the form in the editor, and save it again:

Re-save form

This will bring the form back after Reset.