How to add Plumsail Forms to Microsoft Teams chat or channel tab

You can add Plumsail Forms (Public or SharePoint) to a tab in a channel or chat.

Add Plumsail Forms app to a tab

  1. Go to a channel or group chat and click Add a tab:

    Add a tab

  1. Find the Plumsail Forms app, click on it, and follow the guidelines:

    Search Plumsail

  1. Once you add the Plumsail Forms app to the tab, you will see the configuration screen. Select the form you want to display: Public or SharePoint:

    Configuration screen

SharePoint Form

Select the Site URL, List, and Form Type you want to display:

SharePoint form config

For a New form type, select Content Type:

SharePoint Content Type

For an Edit or Display form, type enter the item ID:

SharePoint item ID

Public Web Form

Open the Public Web form designer, copy the Form ID from the designer URL, and paste it into the Form ID property of the Plumsail Forms app in Microsoft Teams: