How to add discussion to a SharePoint form

With Plumsail Forms, you can enrich a SharePoint form with a discussion where users exchange their opinions, suggest ideas, and leave comments.

It can be handy in tasks, requests, issues in systems like CRMs, help desks, request management, document processing and others where you work with items and documents needed to be discussed.

Article Comments gif

How to configure

First of all, add an append-only rich text field to store a discussion in.

Please note that you must also enable versioning for the list since each comment is stored in a separate version of an item. Go to the List settings → Versioning settings and enable version history.

Next, create a field:

Create Field

Now, we are ready to design a form. Here is an example:

Design Form

By default, users can add new comments to an append-only field via saving the form which leads to refreshing the page.

In this example, however, we will add an extra button to create new comments right after clicking it without saving the whole form.

Put an extra ‘Post’ button next to the append-only field and insert the below snippet into its Click property:

//Replace "Comments" with the internal name of your Comments field
var commentField = fd.field("Comments");

//Replace "NTaskArticle" with the name of your list
var list = sp.web.lists.getByTitle("NTaskArticle");

//Replace "Comments" with the internal name of your Comments field
list.items.getById(fd.itemId).update({Comments: commentField.value}).then(function(){

Here is the result:

Result Form