How to open SharePoint form in dialog from another form and pass parameters with JavaScript

It is now possible to open any custom Plumsail SharePoint Form in dialog, from another Plumsail SharePoint Form, and this can be used in variety of cases.

For example, you can open a form in dialog and copy some data from parent form into it, even if the actual form is located in another Site Collection, without a need to redirect users to the form. Alternatively, you can open Display or Edit form of a lookup field in a dialog, right from the current form.

JS API also allows you to pass parameters to the form that’s opened in dialog, and to retrieve these parameters when the form actually opens. Also, it’s possible to detect if Dialog form was saved or not, and to even pass some parameters back to main form.

In this article we’ll show practical examples of how you can use Dialog, but you can also find general information about it on our JS documentation Dialog page.

Open in dialog form in another Site Collection

Opening form in a dialog is very easy, you just need to have URL of the site and ID of the List, which can be found in List Settings URL:

List ID

I can simply add a button to open this list’s form in dialog, and get Description field to pass as a parameter:

//?PageType=8 - will open a New Form"",
{ Description: fd.field("Description").value });

Note: read more about generation of form URLs here.

Then, I add the following code to the form that opens, to get the argument and set its own Description field:

fd.spRendered(function() {
    //if opened in dialog
    if (window.frameElement && Dialog.getArgs()){
        //set Description to the passed Description
        fd.field("Description").value = Dialog.getArgs().Description;

As a result, I can open form with Customer’s request in one site collection:

Parent Form

And if necessary, copy its Description to another site collection and create an item there:

Another site collection in dialog

It’s also possible to copy multiple fields if necessary, there are no limits on amount of passable parameters.

Open in dialog Display form for the lookup field

Another potential use of dialog is to open a specific form in dialog, for example, Display Form for a Lookup field.

First, we still need the ID of the List which we want to open:

List ID

Next, just add a button near Lookup field, which will execute the following code:

//ID for the form to be opened
var lookupID = fd.field('Project').value.LookupId;
    //?PageType=4 - will open a Display Form"" + lookupID,{});
    alert("No project selected");

Note: read more about generation of form URLs here.

And here’s the button on the form:

Parent Form with a lookup

Once pressed, the dialog opens with the currently selected Item:

Dialog form for a lookup item