How to add custom button to toolbar of List or Library control and duplicate selected item

In this scenario, we’ll show you how to add button to List or Library control, which would duplicate currently selected item.

Duplicate button


For more samples of how you can customize this control’s buttons, check out List or Library buttons article.

Form configuration

Create a form with a List or Library control. Then, check Internal Names of the fields in List or Library source list - you need to know these, so you can copy them.

You can open Child List form in the editor and check Internal Names there. For example, my Child item has the following fields to copy: “Title” (Single line), “Description” (Plain text), “Price” (Currency), “Supervisor” (Person), and “Parent” (Lookup).

Internal Names

I can check Internal Name for each field, and make sure that I have correct one.

Then, on the Parent Form, I will add the following code:

//Use Internal Names of your fields
fieldsToCopy = ['Title', 'Description', 'Price', 'Supervisor', 'Parent'];

fd.spRendered(function() {
    //new button
    var duplicateButton = {
        text: 'Duplicate row',
        class: 'btn-secondary',
        visible: false,
        icon: 'Copy',
        iconType: 0,
        click: function() {
            //get list from List or Library
            var listURL = fd.control('SPDataTable1').listRootFolder;
            //get item IDs of selected item
            var itemID = fd.control('SPDataTable1').selectedItems[0].ID;
            var items = pnp.sp.web.getList(listURL).items;
            //retrieve all information about selected item
                    //create a copy
                    var copy = {};
                    //go through fields and copy each one
                    fieldsToCopy.forEach(function(field) {
                        //copy regular fields
                            copy[field] = item[field];
                        //copy more complex fields - Person/Lookup
                        else if(item[field + 'Id']){
                            copy[field + 'Id'] = item[field + 'Id'];
                    //add new item based on copy
                        duplicateButton.visible = false;

    fd.control('SPDataTable1').ready(function(dt) {
        //dt parameter is the same as fd.control('SPDataTable0')

        dt.$watch('selectedItems', function(items) {
            duplicateButton.visible = items && items.length == 1 ;


Now, this would allow me to select and copy any single item in List or Library, and it will work in both Dialog and Inline editing mode.

Several duplicates

The code only supports duplicating one item at a time, but it can be further expanded to copy several items at the same time.