Web part to publish a form to any modern page within the tenant (Office 365) or a web application (SharePoint 2019)

Our Web Part will allow you to publish any Public or SharePoint Form to any page.


You need to update the app package to version

You can add Web Part to any Modern page:

Add Web Part

SharePoint Form

If you want to publish SharePoint Form, select Site URL, List and Content Type in Web part settings:

Configure SharePoint Form

Then, as long as user has access to the form’s List, they’ll see the form on the page:

Published SharePoint Form

You can even have several forms published on the same page:

Multiple Forms Published

You can also use Edit or Display Forms, by either providing a constant item ID:

Edit or Display Form with constant ID

Or using a query parameter to specify the item:

Item based on query parameter

This query parameter will be taken from the page’s URL which you can add before sharing a link with someone:

Query parameter in URL

To make sure the users get the correct form for them, please, use Form sets.

For more detail on using the form web part with Form sets, read the article.

Public Web Form

If you want to publish Public Web Form, simply create it, save it, open General settings and copy Form ID to the Web Part:

Publish Public Web Form

The form will then be submitted to Flow, where you can process it.