Installation of Plumsail Forms for SharePoint 2019 and Subscription Edition (on-premises)


If you have any issues during installation, please, contact our support team or write us an email to

Install Farm Solution

Download setup file and run it on one of the servers in your Sharepoint 2019/SE farm as Farm Administrator. Follow wizard steps.


Alternatively, use WSP package to install Plumsail Forms.

Make sure that Plumsail Forms feature is activated at the site collection level of the target site:

Plumsail Forms feature

Then go to any of the lists on the Site Collection where you’ve activated Plumsail Forms feature, open List View in Modern UI and click Design Forms button:

Run Forms from Ribbon

To complete installation, follow the instruction steps described there.

Upload package to App Catalog

Create an App Catalog for the target web application: go to Central Administration → Apps → Manage App Catalog:

Create App Catalog

Next thing you’ll need to do, if you’ve created the App Catalog already, is download the app package by clicking on the link:

Download App package

Then, go to your App Catalog and upload the package there by dragging and dropping it:

Upload App package

Make sure to check Make this solution available to all sites in the organization - it’s very important for the app to work properly:

Make this solution available to all sites in the organization

Download designer and start designing forms for SharePoint

Once you’ve added and distributed app across your sites using App catalog, it is time to download Forms Designer and start using it. Go back to the Design Forms page and download the desktop application:

Download and install the designer

Once the designer has downloaded, install it and use to design forms for your SharePoint sites.