How to automate the creation of on-site and field reports

This case introduces an innovative automation solution that liberates site managers from the time-consuming chase for signatures, enabling field employees to generate and dispatch flawless site reports promptly. Although we spotlight a construction site report as our primary example, the principles and automation logic detailed herein are universally applicable across various sectors requiring regular progress or outcome reporting from the field. Embrace this cutting-edge approach to ensure your team’s reporting is both timely and error-free, enhancing overall project management and operational efficiency.

On-site report sketch

Key Actions

  • Template preparation: Laying the foundation for automated reports

  • Establish the document generation process with Plumsail Documents

  • Configure output file parameters for optimal results

  • Integrate deliveries into the automation workflow

  • Initiate the site report creation process upon form submission

  • Comprehensive analysis of the submission form’s layout

  • Decipher the form structure for enhanced understanding

  • Conduct tests and deploy the on-site report automation system

  • Evaluate the impact: The success of site report automation