Use Power Automate

You can use Plumsail Documents connector in Power Automate (formerly Microsoft Flow) for two scenarios:

Start a process and generate documents from a template

Processes are an easy way to automate the creation of documents from templates. You just configure template, test it and specify how to deliver results (email, OneDrive, etc.).

You can use Plumsail Documents connector for Power Automate (Microsoft Flow) to start a process. Start by creating an API key. You will need it in your Flow.

Then add the Start process action to your Flow. You will be asked for ‘Connection Name’ and for ‘Access Key’. You can type any name for the connection. For example, ‘Plumsail Documents’. Then paste API key that you created earlier to ‘Access Key’.

Screen of Plumsail Documents

Optionally, once the action is executed you can get the result document as an output of the action and continue to work with it in your Flow.

Here is an example of a simple Flow that starts a process and then sends the generated document for approval:

Start process flow

The above example of Flow has a manual trigger for simplicity. But you can trigger your Flow on various events - for example, for a selected item in the SharePoint list, or When a new item is created in the SharePoint list, or various Web forms submissions - actually, there are too many cases to list them. Use different triggers to populate document templates with data from your web-services.

Please, find out examples of Power Automate Flows with processes:

Trigger flow when a process finished

Sometimes you need to do some actions when a process of document generation is finished.

You can use “Process finished trigger”. The trigger returns an URL of the generated document. You can use the output from the ‘Process finished’ trigger further in the Flow or you can download the content of the generated document by URL using an HTTP action — GET method.

Triggers when a process is finished

Advanced document processing

Sometimes, you don’t want to use Processes to generate documents or documents are already generated by a third-party system.

In this case, use the rich set of Power Automate actions from Plumsail Documents connector.

For example, you can: