Insert HTML and rich text into a Word Document with Power Automate

This guide highlights the use of Plumsail Documents’ HTML formatter feature within Word templates, showcasing its capability to seamlessly integrate HTML or rich text into document templates. By inserting a specific token ({{value}:html}) into the DOCX template, users can transfer HTML data directly into their documents. This powerful functionality not only imports the data but also preserves the original formatting from the HTML source, ensuring that the final document maintains the intended appearance and structure of the content. This feature is particularly useful for incorporating complex formatted text, such as reports or newsletters, into standardized documents without losing any formatting nuances.


Key Actions

  • Preparation and Template Setup

    • Combine rich text item with DOCX template for seamless integration.

  • Automating Document Creation in Power Automate

    • Utilize “For a selected item” trigger to initiate the workflow.

    • Retrieve the specific item and DOCX template.

    • Generate a new DOCX document from the template.

  • Finalizing and Running the Workflow
    • Create the final document file.

    • Execute the flow directly within SharePoint for operational efficiency.