Use in Microsoft Flow

Pick right connector

There are two connectors available in Plumsail Actions:


If you use 'Plumsail SharePoint' connector, you need to add it manually. It is not available in the global directory yet.

It is not required for 'Plumsail Documents' connector.

Create your first Flow

Then you can search for "Plumsail" in you Flow and add appropriate action:

Screen of Plumsail Actions

When you add an action for the first time you will be asked for 'Connection Name' and for 'Access Key'. You can type any name for the connection. For example, 'Plumsail SharePoint'.

Then create an API key in your Plumsail Account page and paste it to 'Access Key' input.


There are different types of keys for different connectors. You need to copy an API key for the particular connector.

Screen of Plumsail Actions