Invite team members to account

Plumsail account supports inviting other users as team members to share the available services. The team members can use any product as if it were their accounts though they will not manage the subscription and account settings.

Manage teams

The current team is displayed in the top middle of your account. Click it to see a drop-down menu and switch between the available ones or manage them. By default, you have only your team marked with a home icon.

Manage teams

In the My team section, you can rename it and manage its members. By default, the name is the same as the account address. If you accepted invitations to other teams, you would see their list in the section Other teams you belong to. Manage your membership there.

Overview teams

Manage members

In the My team section, click the Invite user button and enter the e-mail of the person you would like to invite to your team.


You can use any e-mail address to contact the person: it is used only for sending a secret link. The addressee will decide whether to use an existing Plumsail accounts or create a new one.

Invite a member

The invited person will appear in the list of your team members. Unless the membership is not confirmed, the accordant record will remain gray. You can resend the invitation link in this case.

Unconfirmed member

Once the invitation is accepted, the record will be displayed black. To delete a user, click the recycle bin button. It does not matter whether the invitation was accepted or not.

Confirmed member

Join or leave team

If you received an invitation to join the team, click Join Now to accept it.

Invitation message

You will be redirected to the Plumsail sign-in page. There you can either log in with an existing Plumsail account or create a new one. After the authorization, you will see the team you belong to at the top. Teams of others’ are marked with a blue person icon. Click it to see a drop-down menu where you can select or manage them. Switching the team changes the context to the accordant account and provides access to all its services.

Manage teams of the invited person

In the section Other teams you belong to, you will see a list of them. To leave any, click the crossed link button in its row.

Overview teams of the invited person