Licensing details

You can choose your billing cycle — purchase for one year or pay month-to-month. The subscription is linked to an email address. It includes a set of actions for Microsoft Flow or Logic apps and access to REST API.

There are three plans available:

  • Dolphin - includes 2 000 monthly credits
  • Orca - includes 10 000 monthly credits
  • Whale - includes 50 000 monthly credits

What are credits?

In 95% cases 1 call to Actions is 1 credit.

Each 0.5 Mb generated by a single call to Plumsail Documents connector is 1 credit. For example: 1Mb = 2 credits, 1.5Mb = 3 credits. 95% of documents are under 0.5Mb.

1 call to Plumsail SP connector is always 1 credit.

What happens when credits are spent?

When you will get close to spent 70% of your monthly credits, we will send you a notification about it. Thus, you will have enough time to purchase additional 1000 credits or pay a differential cost to start using another plan.

The credits amount will be reset at 1st day in a month according to your current plan.

Trial license

Likely you start using Plumsail Actions with a trial. The trial version gives you an opportunity to try our product on "Orca" plan. The trial period lasts for 30 days. If you choose not to purchase the license, the product will stop working.

End-User Software License Agreement

End-User Software License Agreement