Subscription and notifications

Email notifications

On a subscription page of the Plumsail account you can enable email notifications on executions limit.

Please make sure that they don’t get to your spam folder.

Notifications toggle

How to upgrade to higher plan or renew subscription

Drop us a message at and our team will assist you to upgrade or renew your subscription.

How to get additional executions

On the subscription page, click Get more executions to purchase additional ones. They are not reset monthly, remain constant and will be used only after spending all the monthly ones. You can accumulate and use them only when you need it.

Manage limit

How to manage billing

On the subscription page, click Billing to sign into a shopper account. We work with 2 payment processors of our store: Verifone (2checkout) and Stripe.

Manage billing

Please click on the links below to learn how to manage the billings depending on the payment processor that manages your orders.