Subscription and notifications

Email notifications

On a subscription page of the Plumsail account, switch the notifications toggle to change the preference. It will send messages to the account’s email when you spent:

  • 70% of monthly executions,

  • 90% of monthly executions,

  • all monthly executions and started using additional ones,

  • all available executions.

Please make sure that they don’t get to your spam folder.

Notifications toggle

How to manage subscription

On the subscription page, click Renew or Upgrade to place an accordant order. The auto-renewal toggle is available when your last order was paid with a credit card or PayPal.

Manage subscription

How to get additional executions

On the subscription page, click Get more executions to purchase additional ones. They are not reset monthly, remain constant and will be used only after spending all the monthly ones. You can accumulate and use them only when you need it.

Manage limit

How to manage billing

On the subscription page, click Billing to sign into a 2Checkout shopper account. 2Checkout is a payment processor of our store. In the account, you can manage the subscription as well and get access to financial information and managing expiration notifications.

Manage billing

You will need to enter either an order reference or the email which you used when purchased Actions. It may not match with the Plumsail account email.

2Checkout MyAccount

On the myAccount tab, you will find the list of the recent orders. You can display all of them or view details and request a refund of a certain one.

2Checkout orders

On the Order Lookup tab, you can seek orders by their numbers or the credit card if it was used.

Lookup orders

On the My Products tab, you will find the list of subscriptions with detailed information on them. Here, you can:

  • renew or upgrade a subscription,

  • enable or disable automatic billing,

  • change a payment method for a certain subscription,

  • enable or disable expiration notification.

2Checkout products