Verifone (2Checkout) shopper account

Verifone (2Checkout) is one of the payment processors in our store.

In the account, you can manage the subscriptions, get access to the financial information and expiration notifications.

Open the 2Checkout myAccount page. You’ll need to enter either an order reference or the email that was used when purchasing the license. It may not match with the Plumsail account email.

2Checkout MyAccount

On the myAccount tab, you’ll find a list of the recent orders. You can display all of them or view details and request a refund of a certain one.

2Checkout orders

On the Order Lookup tab, you can seek orders by their numbers or the credit card if it was used.

Lookup orders

On the My Products tab, you’ll find a list of subscriptions with detailed information on them. Here, you can:

  • renew or upgrade a subscription

  • enable or disable automatic billing

  • change a payment method for a certain subscription

  • enable or disable expiration notification

2Checkout products