Save and render control data in SharePoint

You can save data from Ink Sketch, DataTable, Likert Scale, and Lookup controls to a SharePoint columns. Custom rendering is automatically applied to columns that store control data to visualize them in the Sharepoint list view.

How to configure

Select a control. In the right pane, under Save To, choose a SharePoint column to store the data. You can select an existing column or create a new one.

SaveTo property

When creating a new column, define its name and then choose whether to include it in all content types and the default list view:

Create column


Lookup control stores data in a Single line of text column.

Likert Scale, Data Table, Ink Sketch store data in a Multiline Plain Text column.

Field Customizers

Once you configure the Save To property for a control and save the form, a field customizer is automatically applied in the SharePoint list view to the selected column:

Field customizers in List View

Manage field customizers in the form settings:

Manage customizers