How to fill Excel template using Power Automate and Office Scripts

This guide delves into automating Excel tasks using Office Scripts and Power Automate, showcasing how to efficiently update templates with dynamic data. While Office Scripts offer a powerful way to automate within Excel, they come with challenges like complexity for non-coders, limited external integration, and application support. Plumsail Documents emerges as a viable alternative, simplifying template creation without coding, expanding integration possibilities, and supporting a wide array of document formats. This comparison not only highlights each method’s strengths and limitations but also guides users in selecting the most suitable approach for their document automation needs, enhancing productivity and operational efficiency.

On-site report sketch

Key Actions

  • Introduction to Office Scripts in Excel

  • How to automate Excel template filling with Power Automate and Office Scripts

  • Understanding the limitations of Excel’s Office Scripts for users

  • Efficiently populating Excel templates with Plumsail Documents