Embed Plumsail web form on a Wix site


If you’re using Editor X, newer platform from Wix.com, we have an instruction for Editor X as well

You can add a custom Plumsail web form to a Wix site in just a couple of easy steps with the help of our Widget:

  1. Design a form to publish
  2. Login to your Wix account
  3. Select the site where you want to publish a form
  4. Click Edit site
  5. Click AddEmbedCustom embedsEmbed a widget:
    Embed a widget
  6. Position the embed where you want it to be on your page
  7. Copy widget snippet from your form’s settings:
    Copy Form Widget snippet in Sharing Settings
  8. Paste the snippet into the embed’s HTML Settings → CodeAdd your code here (HTTPS only) on a Wix site:
    Paste snippet into embed
  9. Your form will then appear on a Wix site and will be ready to go:
    The form is ready to roll