Embed Plumsail web form on a Blogger site

You can add a custom Plumsail web form to a Blogger page in just a couple of easy steps with the help of our Widget:

  1. Design a form to publish
  2. Login to your Blogger account
  3. Go to Pages tab and click New page:
    Add a page
  4. In the page editor, click the pencil icon and switch mode to HTML view:
    HTML view
  5. Copy widget snippet from your form’s settings:
    Copy Form Widget snippet in Sharing Settings
  6. Paste the snippet into the page’s content on a Blogger site and publish the page:
    Save a page
  7. Your form will then appear on a page on your site and will be ready to go:
    The form is ready to roll


You can also publish a form to a Blogger post in the same manner, but in this case the form will only be visible when the post is opened: The form is in a post