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Why Plumsail HelpDesk?

One of the nice features of SharePoint is that you can easily extend its functionality with third-party tools. Plumsail HelpDesk built on top of SharePoint and Microsoft 365, so all power of these apps is included. If you still think if HelpDesk is a match for you, here is some nice facts about us.


Get updates as soon as possible

Concerned about updates? We are providing them as soon as updates of Microsoft 365 and Sharepoint 2013/2016 is out. Take a look at our version history.


Suitable for companies of all sizes

Small and medium companies will be interested in more affordable plans, while enterprise customers will be glad to use HelpDesk without limits. Check our plans.


Provide support everywhere

With the help of special web-widget for external sites. Customers don’t need to leave your site anymore as they can submit tickets through the ticket submission form.


Great abilities for customization

Customization is everything. You can customize triggers, tickets views, templates, forms, reports, statuses and the way your HelpDesk looks like.


Simple implementation

It’s really simple to implement. You don’t need to take your team to webinars to teach them how to use HelpDesk. On the first entrance, every user has a 5-step guided tour and that’s it, you are ready to use it. Everything is just intuitive.


Workflows are included

Automate all the routine — you can easily bring your customized workflows into your support process.


Unlimited instances

Multiple help desks for different departments. Just configure them with different inboxes and forget about fuss with ticket routing.


Knowledge base

Provide answers to the most common questions in the knowledge base and help your customers help themselves.


Our support

It doesn’t matter what the issue, we are always there to help you. Don’t hesitate to submit the ticket to us.