Features list

Support channels

All e-mail messages will be converted into tickets and comments
Web widget
Place widget straight on your SharePoint or internal site for external users to submit a ticket and track it.
You can integrate help desk with social networks and other sources using Microsoft Flow.

Ticket management

Add private or public comments
Communicate with your team through a private channel and leave public notes for customers.
Create public and private ticket views
Create different ticket views to display what is important the most. You can decide public or private view to create.
Assign tickets to a group of agents
Assign ticket to a group for them to work on a ticket together. For example, you could assign a ticket to your sales team instead of assigning it to the specific agent.
Ticket activity history
See who, when and how changed a ticket.
Classify tickets with tags and categories
Tag tickets with keywords or classify them with categories.
Full-text search and quick navigation by ticket ID.
Export tickets
Export all your tickets to Excel and use all power of Exсel to analyze them, create pivots and charts.
Filter tickets
Filter tickets on its properties.

Agent efficiency

Knowledge base
Create a base with answers to the most common questions. Sharing is caring, right?
Mark as read or unread
Mark tickets as you need for better understanding where to put your attention. If a ticket is modified by other person or new reply from customer received, it is marked as unread.
Detecting agent’s collision
Know if somebody is already assigned to the ticket. Thus agents can avoid duplicate replies, save their time and eliminate customers confusion.
Overdue indication
Due date will be colorized to get your attention to an overdue ticket.
Manage ticket from email
Reply on your tickets straight from the mailbox. Remote access to work is more simple than ever.
Manage and view requester info from the ticket
All information related to the requester is shown by clicking on requester’s name. It helps to provide more context on the ticket.
Agent signature
Agent can have a unique signature which will add at the end of the each reply automatically. Thus, there is no need to type it manually every time.
Copy and paste images
The quickest way to add images to the ticket without saving it to local PC. Just take a screenshot and paste it straight into a reply
You can easily add any attachment to provide more context.


Automate your message notifications, tickets routing and other business tasks with triggers. Just specify the condition when to start it and what to do. For example, change ticket priority if there is a specific keyword in the ticket subject. There are hundreds of scenarios when you would use it. Read our our documentation for more information.
Automatic assignment
Assign tickets to specific agents based on ticket properties with a help of a trigger.
Automatic notifications
Both sides of support process are receiving notifications on every step of work. You can easily add new notifications.
Repeating workflows
Do repeating tasks automatically with workflows which can be triggered by events and conditions or scheduled to run at particular times.
Microsoft Flow integration
Expand abilities of help desk with third-party tools. Microsoft flow allows you to integrate help desk with other systems. For example SalesForce, twitter or other SharePoint sites.
SharePoint workflow integration
Create more complex workflows with SharePoint Designer and integrate them with your help desk. Automate routine according to your business processes.


Help desk overview
Built-in charts to measure help desk in general.
Agent performance
Built-in charts to measure agents’ performance with different metrics.
Customer analysis
Know your customers better — see top requesters, the amount of overdue tickets.


Fields and forms
Add new custom fields and forms to tickets with drag and drop.
Design your own triggers to automate notifications, tickets routing or other business tasks.
Color theme
Choose a color theme which applies to your help desk.
Create reports measuring the productivity of your team with the help of Dashboard Designer. Note that you need to purchase it separately.
You can configure the quick launch display setting and a list of HelpDesk navigation elements.
Email templates
Besides preconfigured email messages, you can create your own messages which will be sent to the customer in certain circumstances.


Application security
We care about application security. Read more in our security policy.
Data security
We care about application security. Read more in our security policy.
Physical security
Data centers have been tested for security, availability and business continuity.
Compliance certification
Data centers are certified for ISO 27001, SOC I, II AND III, HIPPA and FedRAMP compliance.