Knowledge base

Use the knowledge base to store answers to the most common questions. It is possible that somebody already answered a similar question earlier. You can check the knowledge base before answering the question.

The main page of the knowledge base displays a list of all articles divided into categories.

Knowledge base main page

Let’s take a look at how to work with the knowledge base.

Add category

Categories and articles within them can be stored and moved. To do this, click the Edit button on the main page of the knowledge base. After that, new controls will appear, including a button for adding new categories.

Knowledge base add category

Add article

To create a new article, click on the + Add article button.

Knowledge base add article

HelpDesk will show a form for creating an article, with the following fields:

  • Article title

  • Categories

  • Tags

  • Article content

Knowledge base add article

Assign article to a category

There are two ways to assign an article to a desired category.

  1. Assign a category to an article in the corresponding field of the article editing form.

Knowledge base assign article to category

  1. Simply move the article to the desired category when editing the main screen.

Knowledge base assign article to category